Does anyone remember a prior Nuendo release this buggy?

Topic says is all.


No, actually it is really bad this time. Nuendo 7 was so slik compared… :unamused:

No, been with Nunendo since Version 3.

Fun fact. There’s a German guy who looked at N8 and reviewed the new functions (posted his video in the German N8 forum). Almost every second sentence is: “Well, this doesn’t seem to work, I guess there’s an update coming.” From watching, you’ll see all the stuff that doesn’t work properly, it’s a bit sad, really.

He clicks on “reverse” in DOP, nothing happens. He has to click it several times and then it seems working. Makes a really reliable impression…
He clicks on the play button in DOP, and nothing happens. He adds reverb in DOP, and the reverb tail is inserted at the beginning. Something you probably don’t want. Also, DOP doesn’t let you add a tail for reverbs (yet). And this video goes on and on. The guy wants to really show off what’s new and cool in N8, but stumbles over bugs at every corner for even the most high profile marketing features.

I also came across many small bugs in the UI, where I select a thing to change a color and then a color on a completely different clip changes. But I’m not even going to bother at this point. Steinberg has bigger piles of things to fix and it’s wasted time anyway.

Like Oliver I’ve been with Nuendo since v3, this is pretty rough. I’m approaching the end of my N8 trial but I won’t purchase at this point, can’t put a piece of software that crashes this often in front of clients. john

N7 was the first version I was unsure about upgrading to, mainly because of the VCA mess. But I think N8 is far worse. My trial version has expired (I only had a few days to try it as it continued to count down the days even though I was unable to us it) and I’ve uninstalled it and gone back to N7. Not sure now if I will ever move on from here.

Something is rotten in the state of Hamburg (sic).

There have been issues with any of the Nuendo releases.
If this is a way to assess the level of problems: as far as I can remember (from N 1.5 onwards)
we had more topics and MUCH more posts with any release or update than this N8 forum has now in total.
Not saying that it is in any way excusable that basic functions simply don’t work or new features are a mess.
I could not say, though, that N8 was a particularly disastrous release.
I work it here with good stability and the relevant features for my line of work are doing fine.
However, I really would like to know what the “Fischköpfe” in Hamburg drives not to recognize the broken
functions or, i.t.f.p., to release them as is w/o telling anybody.

Servus, Big K

I think it true that there are, for whatever reason, far fewer people here now than there used to be, which might in part explain your point about fewer posts.

Maybe they’ve given up being here. As Steinberg only veeeery selectively shows up here to say anything. I’m sure Steinberg talks to industry professionals and listens to what they have to say. But going to 1 or 2 high profile sound shops and asking for feature ideas or lettimg them work with a beta doesn’t cut it.

Maybe this forum is our self-help group so we don’t all go insane. It’s a place to vent. A mostly unmonitored place. Because it can’t be here for good community management.

When I think back to the software company I worked at some years back, many of the coders were actively participating on the forums we had. Looking for customer problems, investigating, helping, fixing things. It was one way for them to see what their work “does to people in the big world”. If it worked and people were happy or if there were particular problems that suddenly arose. They could fix them much quicker this way because they were directly connected to customer base. It worked very well for this company.

Agree. But we’ll never know whether a release with problems is because there wasn’t enough testing done before release or because the suits decided to release it anyway.

Some companies just do a cold calculation of how many issues a release might have versus how much they’ll “lose” by delaying that release.

Interestingly (to me at least) the N8 version seem indeed to be riddled with far more bugs, but N7’s VCA issue was arguably one of the “biggest” we’ve seen so far. And it took a tremendous amount of time to fix during which the dialog with the company was anything but good (with the exception of email correspondence I had with one person who doesn’t participate in forums much, if at all).

So, I would have thought that with so relatively few new big feature additions N8 would have been a walk in the park to code after the VCA nonsense. Now I’m definitely far away from upgrading to N8 given how long it took to get a proper VCA working (and it’s still partially broken in N7 btw) and the communication around it. I just have a really hard time having faith in a new version and in the company’s resolve and ability to put out a version update that’s working properly.

PS: I do agree though that the RX connect issue and offline processing issues possibly are just as big issues as VCA. Clearly I have a workflow that’s affected by VCA problems and I haven’t tried N8 yet, so it’s partially my bias and disappointment talking…

I wonder if many of them have moved on to another DAW? It’s not because there aren’t problems at this point, that’s for sure. Coming from Pro Tools, the problems with N8 (I mean actual bugs/problems) were enough for me to return it and get a refund, which I’ve never done with a piece of major software before.

I suppose it’s a waste of time for me to post here, but as I’ve said I’m eagerly awaiting a fix for these very significant and work-affecting issues because I did prefer using Cubase/Nuendo over Pro Tools (overall) without a doubt when I was on them (was on Cubase from 8.5 to 9, until N8 came out) for the past two years.

there was a release (N4 or N5) wchich could only export 32bit wave files no matter what you selected in export window. it was fixed very fast, but it gave me a serious headache for a day or two and at least few calls from video editors that could not read my files before I realized that’s somethings wrong.
I learned a lesson not to trust updates and upgrades and now I’m just dissapointed. N7 works great and I will hold on to it till N8 gets fix.

[/quote] I think it true that there are, for whatever reason, far fewer people here now than there used to be, which might in part explain your point about fewer posts.

Yes, fenderchris & ChrisPolus, you are right there.
Much less visitors, now.
The old forum was a place like home, warm and cuddly, sometimes angry, maybe even a bit aggressive, at times.
But is was a fun place and was only for Nuendo people. I loved to go there and rant, help or commend.
Lots of excellent ( also famous) Engineers and composers were here, too. It was a vast pool of knowledge.
By far larger and much more knowledgeable (since fewer visitors) as it is now.
We had very interesting arguments and discussions about Nuendo and Audio Engineering in general.
All gone …
Big K

Sad to hear. Sounds like it was really a sprawling community. But I have to say, not knowing the old times since I’m fairly new here, this is currently one of my favorite communities. There may be fewer people and Steinberg may not have anything like acommunity management, but I find the people here professional, very friendly, and very knowledgeable. I’m not in the top league, and every time I don’t understand something or am looking for something, somebody here knows that little dark corner of Nuendo and helps me find something I was looking for. There are still interesting discussions happening from time to time and I enjoy the help from everybody on this board a lot. So thanks big time for sticking around and still being here.

As I said, I don’t know how it was in the older days. But compared to other forums where it’s all like “Dude, u r a F***** PRO! Da awesome! Thanks, mate! Yo yo!” or flame wars over banalities, the Nuendo forum has to date largely been a haven of professional posts and people who want to help. Sure, sometimes people get angry here, too. Me included. You pay a lot of money for a software you depend upon to make a living. You want to create and get projects done, not waste time looking for complicated workarounds and lose days finding them. Emotions are normal and sometimes you have to vent. But it’s all still very civilised compared to other places on the net. So, thanks!

Again, Chris, you are right.
People on this forum are rather civilized and many are great, experienced, helpful Nuendo “artist”.
It is the overall number of members showing up and contributing to the cause that has become smaller.
Following the so called swarm intelligence and some probability theories the likelihood for assistance
and whatnotelse has therefore become noticeably smaller. And it shows…
Nevertheless, this forum is very useful and eloquent. Just the moderation, for what ever reason, is not present and informative enough.
I am not at all pointing my fingers at most helpful friends like Fredo, who is running his studio with great success.
I was sen mod of a mastering forum for a while, so I know how much time and effort ist takes away from the actual job.
I rather think that SB should come over more often and discuss novelties and problems and in a more eye level attitude.

Servus, Big K

This is a funny thread as far as I’m concerned, because I keep going back to using Nuendo 8.0.15 after trying to work in Cubase 9.0.30 because I find there to be fewer bugs in Nuendo. It also seems for stable and possibly using less CPU on the same exact song. But hey, that’s just my experience.

Ted, the difference is that you are talking about a song, while Nuendo users expect an audio post application.
If you cannot play video (some hardware combinations have problems) or import aaf or render processes/plugins you are dealing with an application that is 100% useless for the task.

True :frowning: !

Hi Oliver:

I’m taking about MY experiences using the PROGRAM in various SONGS. I haven’t run into any bugs during my work except for one: Nuendo will suddenly stop processing audio files. No more gain or pitch, etc. adjustments. the workaround I’ve used is to restart Nuendo or jump to Cubase. I understand yours and others’ frustrations with the bugs you’re referring, I was merely commenting that for me personally, I find there to be less bugs in Nuendo than in Cubase. I don’t turn in bug reports because people at various beta testing sites used to yell at me and tell me the bugs I reported would only be important to a select few people. So please don’t think I’m minimizing your bugs because I haven’t run into them. I’m just saying it’s another case of my experience and work flow being different than others. Others I totally respect but different than my own. Have a great day, thanks for taking the time to comment!