Does Anyone Run Cubase 7 or 7.5 under Windows 10?


I am having some problems with my Cubase 7 and 7.5 under Windows 10, 64 bit. I was told by a Cubase Support that “Cubase 7.5 is not compatible with the Windows 10 operating system” It will be helpful to know if anyone is running either Cubase 7 or 7.5 under Windows and what problems they came across in the process.

My other thread on the this subject:

these are the current Registration issues:

I get “soft eLicenser doesn’t have enough permissions to run properly.
Please run LCC to fix this problem.” The LCC seems ok to me.

When “register now” in Cubase will I get error code 1003. So apparently I am not
properly registered.

Cubase 7.5 seems to work ok. It would not install from the Start Center.exe so I insalled it from the the Windows Setup.exe.

I’m running Cubase 7.5 in Win 10 with no problems, or at least no more problems than I had with Win 7.
I did a migration from 7 to 10 so I didn’t have to register Cubase, everything was already setup from Win 7, can’t help you with that.