Does anyone use Retrospective Record?

If so, are you experiencing this with 6.0.3: Hit “play,” record in some MIDI with Retrospective Record, delete that event region, hit “restart” (for me it’s the Enter key on the numpad) and play in some MIDI again. Hit the key command for Retrospective Record. Now for me, 70% of the time Cubase does not buffer what I just played, so you may need to keep doing this a few times to get it to react.

I find this to be a huge issue with this update for people using MIDI. I’ve posted a couple threads about it now without any responses. This alone is causing me to go back to 6.0.2. I’d like Steinberg to take notice to this topic because something like this worked fine before the update, so I really hope that the next update fixes this issue (among many, many others that people have already complained about with the 6.0.3 update). Like another user posted: Please fix problems BEFORE you introduce new features.

I use RR, in fact I’ve been using it to great profit in my current project, capturing noodles and then seeing what I can do with them later. I don’t seem to have the same way of using it as you - I’m not sure why you are pressing play, either. Anyway, this is how I’ve been using it, see if it helps:

This is for sequential takes, not looped.

  • I’ll assume you have a MIDI track, all inputted up, selected and Armed. Playback is stopped.
  • My piano is out of reach of the computer and I don’t want to be thinking about it in any case, so I have RR tied to the Pause/Break key which I can stretch to within reach of my seat.
  • When I’ve done something I like, or made a total hash, I hit Break and RR dumps an event on the track. In fact, Break triggers a macro that dumps each take a bar apart along the track and leaves it selected so I can delete it. Two keystrokes at most and I’m off again.

I hope this is relevant to you. I haven’t had a problem with RR like you’re describing and I’m on 6.0.3. Here’s the macro, if you’re interested. For some reason [now sorted, see below, fingers crossed], it sometimes takes a few goes to start behaving but once it’s going you can forget about it.

Off to bed now, will check back tomorrow.

Edit: the macro I had posted here was unreliable. This revised version works better, thanks to the several “nothing” commands, which seem to be crucial in giving enough time for the system to respond/settle.

Go to End
Step Bar
Auto Punch In (x10 “nothing” commands, just to be sure!)
Retrospective Record

This thread is what led to the revision: