Does Anyone Use SX3/SL3/or SE3 To Convert Cubase VST Files?

Has anyone gotten this to work? I can’t get SL3 to see my Cubase VST files. I need to do this so I can convert them to cpr files for Cubase Studio 5. This is supposed to be the workaround to use older projects in the new Cubases.

They are .all files, right? What if you right click on the file and choose Open With- Cubase?

Thanks for the hit mashedmitten!
I right clicked for “open with” per your suggestion. The end result was the same although it got me there quicker. I keep getting “Invalid Project File 'Song Name.all”! Since trying it the way you suggested, after hitting the ok button, it at least advanced to the next stage which was “choose destination folder.” I thought I finally had it till the “Import Cubase Song” advanced to 100% then froze. This happened with several songs. (vst played them fine so I knew they weren’t corrupted files)
I finally decided to start a new song in SL to see if it was working at all. I loaded the default template of 8 midi and 16 audio tracks. The song loaded but the tracks didn’t. I had to add the tracks myself.
Since then, I’ve come to the conclusionthat SL wanted me to construct and save a native song before it would import “any” other song. (.all or .cpr) It will import the .all files now but I still get the “Invalid Project” post before it will do anything. After ok’ing it, it proceeds as it should … well, 99% of the time. At one point, it played a song correctly but then wouldn’t export it. Other than that, it’s now fully operational if it weren’t for that “invalid” post. I think sometimes, things just NEED to give you a Murphy’s law day. Just needed to mash my way through it.