Does anyone work with Cubase 10 without problems?

I work with Cubase 9.5 (audio + MIDI, Windows 7 Pro 64, NI Kontakt - no problems). What will improve in my work if I buy Cubase 10? On the forum I read that the C10 has many problems with stability. Does anyone work with C10 without problems with large projects?

I‘m an audio guy mostly, rarely working with VSTis, stability is very similar to 9.5. „Without problems“ isn’t true, I think it can’t be with complex applications on a myriad of possible configurations, but „mostly flawless“ would be a good description.

I’ve upgraded to C10 but remain working in C9.5 for most of the time. I am trying, really trying to love C10 but while I can get around the randomly-changed right-click toolbox as an annoyance, the brain-dead mess of the Transport Panel is too much. As far as stability goes, on my machine C10 is just as stable as C9.5, as in, neither have ever crashed (but everything is 64-bit and VST3, apart from the NI stuff, and I disable plugins I don’t use regularly).

The big selling point for me was AAF, which has saved me days of work already, and I’m really looking forward to ARA2, which is promised but let’s not forget, the promised return of full video functionality hasn’t happened yet either …

Generally speaking, I leave previous versions unstalled until the release of the next “.5” version, or up to the point where I find I am no longer using the older version. I expect C9.5 will be staying installed for quite a while though, so in your case, you might want to wait for a 10.1 or 10.2 unless there is a specific feature already there now in C10 that will justify the purchase.

But by all means download the C10 trial … you can have as many versions installed side-by-side as you want.

Thanks for the answers. I had a trial version of C10, I worked with it without problems or errors. I also loaded files from C9.5 without problems, but maybe I did not check everything. But I have not noticed new features that are useful to me. The main problem is the waste of time to find old functions in the new menu. It’s as if someone changed the order of the strings in the guitar. I want to focus on creating music, not on C10. It’s easier for those who are just starting to work with Cubase, do not have old habits.

Yes, if the latest features aren’t attractive for you, just wait. Within the 10.x lifecycle most of the oddities should be ironed out. The .5-versions have felt pleasantly more finished than the .0-versions.

I come a long way using Cubase and things have always changed along the years. The changes compared to 9.5 to 10 are more extreme than other versions before. But basically you should be able to do pretty much anything you did before. But…

I personally still have issues with the (Transport panel ) task(bars) though. It’s all ‘flat’ now. So no functions vertically like before. And I’m having really hard time getting used to this because it doesn’t scale. If you enable all functions on your floating taskbar it’s like 1.5 24" wide. So besides the fact that it’s pretty much unworkable because I have to move my head all the time to see all the options on the bar it’s awkward to place because it now seems to be in the way with something even more than before. I find myself moving it all the time or even switching it off some times! But at least you can fully view it if you’re using two screens!?

But the real frustration begins with the fixed upper and lower bars… They don’t scale at all! You can add all the options you want but once the width of one 24" screen is filled it just won’t scale and doesn’t show the additional options. So in order to see those you have to go into settings and remove some from the view to make room to display the others! A very stupid and annoying implementation!

For me personally It’s absolutely the most horrible interface update that I’ve seen ever in any application for years! Also the white letters on black background is killing on my eyes. So that was the first thing for me to adjust in the settings…?

It’s really like going back to GUI 1.0 while coming from 9.5!

I really hope they’ll will fix those things in the next 10.5 update?