Does ARA Disable Offline Processing?

I was curious as to what order the processes happened… does ARA happen before Offline Processing or after?.. then I tried and it looks like ARA disables Offline Processing.

That makes sense, because if ARA happened before Offline Processing, then it would have to re export the audio in the Offline Process for everything you do with ARA which would be annoying. And if ARA came after Offline Processing, then you might accidentally add an offline process and wipe all your work in ARA because ARA would have to re-detect everything.

So if you want to use ARA and offline processing, you’d have to bounce the audio with ARA and then apply offline processing, or vice verse: bounce the audio with offline processing and then apply ARA. And similarly, if you apply ARA to audio with offline processing, it will automatically bounce/render the offline processing on that audio event.

I just wanted to confirm that this is how it’s supposed to work.


As far as I know, the Direct Offline Process applied before enabling ARA Extension are applied and the ARA plug-in manipulates with the processed file. Direct Offline Processes applied afterwards are ignored.

The background is, the file is bounced before ARA Extension is applied. Then ARA plug-in is working with this bounced file. Therefore the already applied DOPs are included but not the DOPs after ARA Extension is applied.