Does audio bouncing, contribute to generation loss?

I am wondering about this since, I am always bouncing my audio tracks, as the Pool in Cubase is very messy, there are files in folder, on my desktop “edits” all this rubbish that Cubase produces and the only way to restore order is to bounce the audio but I am doing this many times over so does this reduce the quality of the files in some way?



If you set the Render quality exactly the same as the project is, then there is no conversion, so no quality change.

To keep your folders clean, make a new folder for an every single project, as it is recommended and as the Steinberg Hub leads you. To clean your folder, use Back Up Project function.

If you have a lot of pieces of audio like in comping a vocal part you bounce the good parts then select everything else and permanently delete them. If you can develop a workflow where you clean up as you go you have a lot less headache later on. Easier said than done though.

I start a song in a new folder but then I go off in different directions and have different versions and they share the same folder. If you do that it’s good to use remove unused media but don’t delete it, just remove it then you can delete then junk as you go without effecting other versions.

Good luck!

Thanks for the replies.

I have made good use of creating a custom named folder at the same directory level as the project and moving the audio to that from the Audio folder and then selecting “Locate” or “Folder” when the project opens, while renaming files, since Cubase for whatever reason keeps the name of the original import, which is fine but there is no way to change this, not even in the audio editor for individual tracks.

Backup Project might be helpful to create a copy before I start messing with the file structure since once files are Bounced, I can then “Remove Unused Media” and delete the old files permanently, including any edits and surplus files.

As for generation loss would Bounce use the project sample rate?

I am often exporting stereo files, sometimes in 24 bit to separate them in Audacity since Cubase has no way to do this internally but I should I suppose use 32 bit float, since that is what Audacity uses but it is not mission critical at this stage as I am simply trying to master the program.


“As for generation loss would Bounce use the project sample rate?”

Yes, if didn’t the sample would play back at a different pitch.

I think you meant bit depth?

As far as I’m aware “bounce” uses the projects bit depth as set in Project setup.

Thank you

Don’t overlook that you can create sub-folders in the pool window (by right clicking) and move stuff you don’t want to see into it. This doesn’t change where the files are stored on the computer. It just allows to to visually organize how stuff looks in the pool.