Does Avid Duet work well with Cubase Pro 8 ?


First of all, English is not my native language. Please forgive me if I make any mistake.

I am using Windows. So the only way to get Duet might be to get the Avid version.

Dose Avid Duet work well with Cubase Pro 8.

It is said MBOX 3 series works buggy in daws other than Pro Tools.


No personal experience but I have read that the AVID Duet has no way to change buffer size using it’s own control panel. Assuming this is correct then it will be next to useless in Cubase.

A friend use the Duet II (not Avid) on is iMac. Work great with Cubase 7.


The OP is on WINDOWS and asking about AVID duet…telling how great your Mac only Apogee duet works on your Mac isn’t much help to them.

OK- post removed.

Sorry…didn’t mean to sound as harsh as it did…Just wanted to avoid misleading info for the OP.