Does Band Camp delay showing your uploads?

No delay. Did you hit the “save” button after uploading?

Its easy to miss! Its not obvious that you have to scroll down to click ‘save’ :confused: Caught me out a few times, though I thought a warning popped up asking if you were SURE you wanted to navigate away from the page? Still, even then its not really obvious WHY they are warning you! They really need just a simple note that says something like “Don’t forget to click ‘save’ at the bottom of the page after you’re done uploading!” :smiley:

Well, if it’s anything like the previous one, and probably the first one ever you posted…well… looking forward to hearing this one too! :slight_smile:

**i recently joined BAND CAMP as a result of advice kindly given to me in this forum. i wanted to showcase some of my Cubase projects and was informed that this Steinberg Forum is to feature (preferably) ORIGINAL compositions only. Fair enough.

But i had to wait a good few hours each time i uploaded my projects to Band Camp and i think it was because i was not the original composer of the material(s) i posted. And therefore they run some kind of quick check to make sure i have credited the relevant artists. i did state that these works were ARRANGEMENTS of other artists materal and all the so sound files i uploaded were posted. But you DO need to state this (as i did) if your postings are not original compositions.

Not sure if this was the case for you (Fogal) but hope the extra bit of info helps dude.**

i have also just joined SOUNDCLOUD with is really quite good. More or less the same kind of thing as BANDCAMP except you can not trade. They have lots of DISCUSSION GROUPS and you can upgrade your account for a reasonabe price.

On BANDCAMP you can SELL your tracks (at any set price you wish, or for a donation), but on SOUNDCLOUD you do not have this facility.