Does Bill Gates use Windows 10?

and if he does, does he turn the spying elements of Widows 10 off to protect his privacy? :laughing:

And does his taskbar randomly stop working? :smiley:
Not happened to me yet, but I’ve had to fix unresponsive windows 10 taskbars for 4 different systems already, all in completely different environments.

Rumour has it he’s actually a Linux user :laughing:

That’s just a rumo(u)r.

I heard, from a VERY reliable source, that he uses Apple Macs exclusively. :wink:

I use this little prog, ‘OOSU10’, to turn of quite a few W10 ‘spying features’, 'works well here.

I’d say a majority of the claims of “spying” are just nonsense. Either that or there are some very different views on how we define the word “spying”.

Yes, maybe using the wording ‘information upload’ would be more appropriate.

Spybot anti beacon is a handy tool to stop all that telemetry stuff…

A real open and free society does not need windows and gates…


Haha sure he does :laughing: I mean who would blame him? Apple > Windows