Does Bounce write Variaudio data to clip?

I’m using Variaudio (in Cubase 6) for pitch correction - since I have several similar tracks that all need pitch work, I figured I’d fix them one at a time, then “Bounce” them to avoid running into memory problems.

But it didn’t work - all my pitch corrections disappeared from the bounced track. Dang, I’m sure I did this before and it worked, or am I doing something wrong?

okay, now Variaudio is failing to playback my changes even in realtime - I can “see” pitch and warp changes on the screen, but playback ignores them. I tried exiting and restarting Cubase, still no joy.

I may try re-booting the computer next. Then I might try opening in Cubase 7 (which I own, but still can’t seem to get used to…). Any feedback would be appreciated.


duh… looks like I clicked the “Disable Pitch Changes” button (which I hadn’t noticed before)

trying again…

Other subject, when I click your link to your studio, I don’t get to your homepage. Is the link broken?

his signature links to:

which is not a valid link :wink:.
Might want to fix that.

yikes, I just noticed this (guess I forgot to “subscribe” to my own topic… :unamused:

yes, I WILL fix that - THANKS for pointing it out!