Does C5 open C6 .cpr?

I seriously doubt it but does Cubase 5 open Cubase 6 projects?

I just tried here, on a project I saved in 6 - and it opened OK.

:slight_smile: great thanks!

Yep, same here, it opens in C5 with a warning.

The new comping feature seems to create a mess, though, when opened in V.5.
The correct takes are on top, but the others can’t be accessed, via lanes.
The track opens as one lane with all takes stacked …

I’m currently trying to find a way to do the comping in V6
and then go back to V5, for further editing
( ‘no transparent events’, slugishness and ‘the stripes’ keep me from using V6, for serious editing ).
Looks like I need to bounce the final comp and put all other takes on single tracks,
before storing for V5.

Sure enough … other issues may show up …

bye, Jan

Hmmm, I got no warning - but then my project was just a bunch of audio tracks, without any particular “version sixness” about them.

I guess it depends on what you’ve been doing in 6…

Well i guess some difficulties and incompatibility are expected.
I am surprised in the first place that a project would open.
I suppose i 'll investigate further when i hopefully get my hands on C6 the following weeks.

I just opened in Cubase 5 the project I’ve working on the last few days…

Damn it’s ugly!

Awesome. Obviously, C6 features would not cross over to C5, but it’s great that core project data can be recorded in 6 and then opened in 5.

That’s interesting.

So if I have CS5 and purchase Artist outright, I will have some level of file compatibility between those two applications, especially considering that both programs have a maximum sample rate of 96Khz, I’d not get stuck there, but are the problems mainly in relation to some of the new features?

If so which ones exactly?

It would be nice if someone could compile some kind of list as this seems like a deal “maker” rather than a breaker in anyones’ book.

BTW, has there ever been any kind of compatibility like this in previous times?


Well, in that case not more as before, since you are talking about a lower to a higher version while the OP is talking about staying in on producht line. Go to the Steinberg website and check the compatibility and interchangeability of project files - chart

Once you’re logged into My Steinberg there’s a compatibility chart which has been updated for Cubase 6/Cubase Artist 6, but it’s doesn’t indicate that C5 can open C6 project files, however I have been able to confirm that here. Obviously if newer features are used in the C6 file, it won’t play back in C5, and HALion Sonic SE is not recognised by C5, but it seems to be a case that’s “slipped through”.

I don’t think it would be wise to depend on this always working though (this “backwards compatibility”) as this was never the case before.

Compatibility and interchangeability of project files

(you have to be logged into My Steinberg for that link to work).

Aloha and thanks for all this info guys,

Good to know there is ‘some’ backward compatibility.

Anyone else tested this further? I have to work with a collegue who is running v5. I upgraded from v4 to v6 so don’t have v5 on my machine. I don’t want to have to work in v4. Yuk! I’ll just be arranging, mixing adding plugs and doing some automation. If I avoid v6 features then would I be ok? If there is any risk of my work getting corrupted or messed up then I’ll have to stick to v4.

Only Steinberg can answer this – I suggest you contact their support directly with that question. My gut feeling though is that, if there were no risk, someone from Steinberg might have already commented here. Seeing as no such statement has been forthcoming, personally I would not risk it.

I opened a C6 cpr with CS5 and i am satisfied with the results.
I think that if you have a ‘neat’ arrangement with common plug-ins it’ll be ok.

I succesfully imported from C5 to SX3. You can occasionally open newer files with older Cubase versions, if you avoid to use functions, that aren´t included in the older Cubase version, for example Instrument tracks, when you import to SX3, or surround, when opening in SL3 and so on.

Besides you could try the Track Archive (Import selected tracks) option, if the import of the cpr file doesn´ t work.

In one case I managed to re-open a Cubase file in Sequel…changing the header of the Cubase file. I felt like a hacker… :mrgreen: , appliing the considerations mentioned above.

Good luck.