Does C6 fly 1st class?

Does C6 fly 1st class?
Update from C5 to C6 costs US$149.99
In Australia it’s A$215, an increase of $64 (adjusted for the exchange rate)
In New Zealand the cost is a staggering NZ$399 an increase of NZ$115 or an increase of NZ$163 from the US price(adjusted for the exchange rate)
Luckily I’m flying to Sydney next week where my purchase of the upgrade will almost cover the airfare or will I have to buy a separate seat for my copy of C6!!
Any reason why? I’d like to know

The US dollar price probably isn’t including tax.

The Australian price converts to £134 here in GB which is only marginally more than the £126 I paid.

The Euro price is 150 so these are all roughly comparable.

The NZ price seems very high though…Are you sure you were looking at the correct upgrade & not the lower version to full??

EDIT Almost forgot to include a very poor pun on the subject line…I don’t kknow but it definitely carries a lot of exess baggage :mrgreen:

Well it’s the NZ price that I’m mainly moaning about and it happens with other products too so it may not be appropriate to aim my question/gripe at Steinberg.
However, I just want to know, as I hand over my hard earned dosh that there is a legitimate reason for this huge increase and that I’m not being discriminated against because I live on (an almost) deserted island.
Also does this happen anywhere else? Iceland? Mongolia? Antarctica? (well I could understand that!)