Does C7's amp simulation sound better than C6's?

I’m wondering if there’s a discernment of quality in the amp simulators available between the two versions of the software.

Not that I have noticed… I’m also biased in that I think the vst amp rack sounds absolutely awful due to the Mic placement and selection along with cabinet models that do not come even remotely close to the actual intended models. I’d find some freeware sims on and not worry about amp rack.

The updated amp rack came in 6.5 I believe.

Nothing has improved quality wise in Cubase 7.

Amp simulator and VST Amp rack are two different things though…

Aloha D.

IMHO no.

As of the two versions, the sound is the same as is
(more importantly) the ‘feel’.

The Cubase rack stuff is nice but I like IK Amplitude stuff because of the ‘feel’.


Ok, thanks for all the responses.

if you want a really good amp sim try halion 4 :wink: it’s the donkeys gonads !

I have found that a combination of gear works for me. Amplitude 3 for amps, mixIr for cabs UAD for efx. Or you could use S- Gear. No one amp sim does everything.