Does C8 Have A Swing Knob?

Does Cubase have a swing knob or the equivalent or something to assign a MIDI CC#?
Thank you

Not a global control. There’s quantization settings which can do that, and you can apply quantization to audio or midi data in the project. But this doesn’t change the metronome, just the audio or midi on the tracks.


Thanks Mike.

Is there a chart showing which quantize values = knob positions or something like that. For instance, MOTU BPM has MPC style swing values: 50%-100%. How does that translate to Cubase Quantize?

They have a percentage as well… 1/16th 26% and so on… quantize panel.

Thanks tekna but matching the % doesn’t give the same “feel”.

Can I extract the swing from the drum and apply it to the global project? What is such a function called?

For MIDI and VST-based instruments you’ll find each track’s inspector has a “MIDI Inserts” pane. Expand it, select a slot and choose “Quantizer” from the drop-down. There you’ll find your Swing control. What nice, is that it’s non-destructive (works in realtime).

This is nice for when you need to adjust the groove of several tracks, which all may require slightly different Swing values to sit in the pocket. Non-destructive adjustments on-the-fly makes experimenting easy.

Nice! I have been using midi modifiers to swing things as well.

That’s the ticket.

Yes. It is called Groove Quantize. There is good info about it in the manual, especially on pg. 237.

yes, but you apply quantize settings on a per-part basis (or, as stated, using a midi-insert effect on a per-track basis). drag & dropping any midi event onto the quantize panel instantly creates a quantize preset that you can then use by selecting any other event and pressing quantize.

there is no ‘one knob rules them all’ quantize button globally for everything in the project. that could be a nice feature.

“It don’t mean a slob if it ain’t’ got that knob!” :sunglasses:


Recently I accidently found you can assign these MIDI inserts to Quick Controls also. For the longest time I thought they weren’t assignable because nothing showed up in the QC drop downs.

The secret is the open a MIDI insert’s window, open the QC side panel, click the “L” learn button and move one of the MIDI insert parameters. Now they show up in the QC drop downs.

nice tip wilco thanks!