Does/Can Midi Remote replace Device Panels?

I’ll be honest, as a veteran Cubase user, I have not spent any time working with the new Midi Remote. I have watched a few videos on YouTube about it but thats it.

What I am curious about is whether or not it can replace Device Panels? I was building a Device Panel last week for the Strymon Nightsky and the thought came to me if this would be better to do in the new Midi Remote.

Is the Midi Remote pretty powerful with controlling outside hardware? For example I have a Korg DW-8000 that doesnt respond to CC but rather sysex. This can be achieved with Device Panels but was curious about Midi Remote.

Anyway, just looking for some information from users that may use the new Midi Remote for more advanced setups.

I asked myself this question too, and I would say that at the moment, MIDI Remote would not be able to fully replace Device Panels, certainly not with the existing GUI editor.

For that type of sysex handling, you would need to start coding using the API in JavaScript and it’s not possible to jump back and forth between a graphical design tool and the underlying code. There is a way to send sysex:
… but that wants a file, and I can’t find what the delay parameter is for, as it’s not in the documentation, at least I haven’t been able to find it. In any case, you want to send sysex byte streams, and not files.


Device Panel is something different. It’s a virtual controller in Cubase. MIDI Remote is for the hardware devices.

Thanks for this info, super helpful

So just to be clear, are you telling me that the new Midi Remote can’t control hardware?

Just to be clear, I know in its basic form its for using existing midi controllers to assign parameters inside Cubase. Is it not possible to also send midi outside Cubase to control hardware?


It is possible to send the MIDI data back to the hardware.

But you cannot control the hardware from the MIDI Remote bottom Zone (GUI).

You can imagine it works the same as Mackie Control. Cubase can be controlled from the hardware and Cubase can send its state/values back to the hardware.