Does CB7 rename tracks after dragging in MIDI files

In Cubase 5, if a MIDI file was dragged from Media Bay into the project it would rename the track. I used to have to drag the parts from Media Bay onto spare MIDI tracks (which would get their names changed) and then move them onto the destination track(s).

Has this been resolved in CB7?

Thank you.

Just tried it, track names do not get changed and it follows the pref “Parts get track names”

Thanks for trying that Steve.

I have got parts get track names check.

I have just tried a few things. If you export as a type 0 and drag into the project the track name does not change, but the articulations go onto a new part on a new track called SystExData and so as text events in thr list editor.

The type 1 MIDI file, when dragged in, changes the track name, but keeps the articulations.

I don’t understand. Are you doing this in 7 or 6? If 7 do you have your answer?

I tried in 5.5 as it is that latest version I have. I was considering upgrading to 7.

Hm. I checked in 7 and the tracks did not get renamed.

Thanks Steve. That looks like good news.