Does CC121 change tempo with A1 knob?

I have been reading as much as I can on the CC121 controller and am still not sure if it does actually change the tempo.
I think it should and as I have read some reviews on this forum waiting for a newer model
I am still wondering.
I have aNektar Lx88 which is great for the transport but I would like to change tempos with a wheel and not have to get the keyboard and type it in
Maybe Yamaha will come out with a new model
Any info would be great

I use the CC121 for different things, but changing the tempo via the AI button is not possible, as far I know.
If I hold the mouse over the various tempo input fields, I can change the tempo value with the mouse wheel. This doesn’t work with the AI button.

Thank you P.A.T for that

This is the behavior I see as well.