Does CC121 Work in Cubase 8

I remember we had to wait for the first update to get the CC121 to work with Cubase 7. Can someone confirm it works in Cubase 8 from the get go?


Hi its working ok for me

Good to know. Thanks for confirming.

The CC121 is compatible with Cubase 8. Further reports should follow in the upcoming days.

It works fine for me also!

So does my Frontier Tranzport!

any news with CC121 ??

Works fine no issues

Yes it is working with C8 with no issues so far.
according to this

i thought there will be some update to cc121 or C8 to integrate it better with cubase. especially navigating through channels in MC with the channel select buttons on cc121

If there was a functionality change or improvement, it would be on the support page of the CC121, not in Cubase 8.

Working good over here ! (thats the CC121)

I recently upgraded to Cubase 9. My motorised fader on the cc121 is not working anymore. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the driver. \What could be/solve the problem?

It doesn’t have to do with Cubase 9 that’s for sure. Does everything else work? The fader not working points to an issue with the power supply. Are you getting power from the power supply? Maybe it bit the dust.

From the CC121 manual:

The motorized fader does not work
· Confirm whether or not the AC power adaptor is
connected. The power supply via the AC power
adaptor is necessary for driving the motorized
fader as well as bus-power from the host computer.

· Confirm whether or not the touch sensitivity of the
fader is proper. Excessive settings of the touch
sensitivity may cause unexpected stopping of the
fader even if you do not touch it. Adjust the touch
sensitivity (page 23).