Does chase events (midi cc) work on multiple midi channels on the same track?

Hello, for ex :
1 track with multiple midi channels (switching done by an expression maps).
One midi cc event at the beginning of the project (bar 0 to 1) that set midi cc1 to a value of 80

No matter what articulation I select with the expression map remote key, thus no matter the midi channel I am currently in, does cubase “read” that there is that midi CC value and transmit it to the instrument?

I ask this because I felt like sometimes, I’d choose an articulation that is on channel 2, and my instrument makes no sound, and that was because cc1 or cc11 was set to 0 even if I have a little midi events on all my tracks at the beginning of a project to set my CCs to a starting value


If the MIDI Channel of the Track is set to Any then you specify the MIDI Channel at every single MIDI Event. So if the MIDI CC is set to Ch1, it will be sent to Ch1. If the MIDI CC’s Ch is set to 2, it will be sent to Ch2.

If the MIDI Channel of the Track is set to the specific value (1-16) all MIDI Events are sent over this MIDI Channel.

The track is set to any

How do one specificy which midi Ch the CC event will use ? Is there something on the Cc lanes that indicates that?

Edit : could a multi script like that work ?
on midi_in
set_midi(1, $MIDI_COMMAND, $MIDI_BYTE_1, $MIDI_BYTE_2)
set_midi(2, $MIDI_COMMAND, $MIDI_BYTE_1, $MIDI_BYTE_2)
end if
end on

It works, but only to propagate CCs from channel 1 to other channels
If I select an articulation that’s on channel 2, the CCs are only transmitted to channel 2. Anyone can help me adapt the script ?


You can see the MIDI Channel in the Info Line, once you select the MIDI Message (for example the MIDI Controller). If you select more MIDI Messages, the view becomes orange and it shows the value of the 1st selected event. If you change any value (including the MIDI Channel), it changes the value of all events relatively. If you want to set all the values to the same value, hold down Ctrl/Cmd while pressing Enter. So you can select all MIDI CCs, set the MIDI Channel 2, hold Ctrl/Cmd and press Enter to change the MIDI Channel of all of them.

You can do the same in the List Editor too, which might be even easier.

Thanks, I forgot that info on midi channels are there on the info line after event selection. I have a few more questions, I hope I don’t bother you :

  1. Can’t we set a given CC data to omni* from the info line instead of choosing 1 channel?

  2. can we create 16 events for each track at the beginning of the project, so that we set a fixed init value to cc1 and cc11 for all 16 channels? Or only 1 can exist at a given time ?

  3. For live input with a hardware controller, should we set our fader to transmit on all 16 channels or can we do it in the input transformer of cubase (I found a ksp script for Kontakt that accomplish that but I wonder if there is another way)

  4. When changing articulation with the expression maps ( 1 different channel for each articulation), does our physical fader start transmitting CC event from that specific channel ? Or is it unrelated and only dependent on how the hardware is set to transmit to cubase ?


No, all MIDI events have a MIDI channel attached to them. “Omni mode”, in this context, relates to the receiving device where that device simply disregards the MIDI channel in each event.

Yes you can. I would recommend using the List Editor for this since you can see the MIDI channel on each event.

Not sure what the best approach would be. I would be very surprised if your controller is able to send MIDI CC on all channels at once. I would perhaps look into MIDI Remote scripting or using a 3rd party tool such as Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

I have Bome MIDI Translator Pro so I probably use that to convert the CC from my controller to propagate to all channel before reaching Cubase

Just when I thought I have a good understanding of how Midi work I learn something new
I didn’t even know about the list editor !

When Drawing CCs curve with the mouse in the lanes, cubase does not automatically choose the right midi channel for the currently selected articulation (according to the expression map). It just always draw automation points to Channel 1. Is there a workaround for that ? I work with Attribute Articulations. Or do you always need to manually change mouse drawed CC data form channel 1 to the corresponding channel the current articulation is using ?

Edit : For some reason, I just redid the test on a blank empty project, Drawn CC data seems to automatically change midi channels based on the current notes articulation (and it work on both attribute and direction articulation :man_shrugging: which is a good thing I guess, if I can replicate this on my template, I will continue testing

Edit 2 : It’s confirmed, in my template too, it seems to work, Cubase makes the CC data chase the midi channel of the current articulation in realtime (attribute or direction it doesn’t matter) !