Does Control Room follow automation?

Hi - can someone help me understand whether I can use Control Room (CR) for a specific task?

I had a reference mix which I assigned to Studio Send 4, and I sent the current mix to Studio Send 3. Of course the current mix has automation … CR can’t follow that automation, right?

Of course I just wound up switching between “Mix” and “4” in CR. But I was wondering … if I wanted to compare the reference with two versions of the mix, the CR can’t help me if they have automation, right? Or …?

Would I have to bounce that other version of the mix to use CR?

Thanks much!

OK, sorry, I’ll try to word it less confusingly - are the Cue sends post panner/post-fader?

For example, after the control room Cue sends are set up initially, as the project plays and faders levels change/inserts and sends are powered on/off, etc. … are all those changes reflected in the Cue sends?

I think the diagram on p. 226 says yes, but I’m not sure …

Thanks -