Does cubase 10 run smoothly?

I feel like nearly every thing I do causes cubase 10 to crash. 50% of the time when doing any form of export including rendering. Loading various plugins often does it. Kontakt often causes it to crash.

On a side note the sampler is cut off on the left side and even popping it up in a new window doesn’t fix it. I can’t choose the algorithm or sampler style.

Using OS X Sierra 10.12.6, latest version of cubase pro 10 installed 10.0.15

Maybe I need to switch to the latest OS X? But on a mid 2012 macbook pro the thought of that scares the daylights out of me.

The only serious issue I had was in the Off Line Pitch Shift. They’ve fixed that now. Few graphical HATES and 1 crash.

I had my FIRST freeze yesterday in Pro 10.
It was caused by my 'puter updating mid session, and I can honestly that’s the only problem I have ever had with Cubase!

Jim B

I use Cubase for an hour or two most days with Steinberg plugins plus NI Komplete, using both VST and audio in. Never really have a problem - apart from Substance from Analog which freezes Komplete Kontrol for about 10 minutes when loading (and consequently freezing Cubase.

Generally all is hunky dory for me.

Yes. Literally lots and lots of people “actually” use it with no crashing (on PC and Mac). In fact, many are saying it is their most stable version ever. Very smooth here for me as well.

Using Win 10… No issues or crashing here. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Win 10, Cubase is very stable and I have no problems whatsoever.

Cubase 10 Pro is Rock Solid!
Windows 10 is Rock Solid!
My Focusrite Audio Interface is Rock Solid!
My Midex 8 Midi Interface is Rock Solid!
My 4th generation i5 with 16GB PC is Rock Solid!
But I have my moments - but don’t we all! :laughing:

Kind regards

James Colah