Does Cubase 11 Pro work with non-Steinberg Audio Interfaces?

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It has come to my attention that Cubase, or Steinberg, has compatibility with certain Audio Interfaces, specifically the ones listed and sold by Steinberg. I assume since there is this compatibility option in place, no other outlandish Audio Interfaces would suffice?

Exhibit A: An acquaintance of mine is trying to use his Behringer U-Phoria UM2 (USB Audio Interface) with Cubase 11 Pro. He spent a good chunk of time researching why he could not make it work. Now, he is inquiring if it is necessary to upgrade to a Steinberg Audio Interface product to have the ability to record certain instruments. Is this accurate?

I apologize I’m new to this forum, hopefully I’m posting in the proper location and I can receive a response. Any advice regarding the said information is much appreciated!

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This is not true. Cubase works with any ASIO compatible audio interface, which is virtually all of them. The user needs simply to download the driver from the manufacturer, or the ASIO4ALL free ‘universal’ driver

Perfect, that did the trick!


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