Does Cubase 11 Venus demo track run on your system? What are the specs?

I suspected my PC might have issues but this project brings my PC to its knees to the point where only occasionally do I get sound in the middle of the track.

My spec includes
Win 10 64 bit
Recent upgraded High speed SSD

If this is indeed rubbish I would dearly like to know what I need. The Venus demo track isn’t a huge project so I think is a reasonable test.

Many thanks in advance

Activate Multi-Processing and ASIO guard.

OK will give that a go thanks.

Working ok here, did not watch the VST performance but played smoothly. Find my specs in my signature (running currently my RME UC with 256 samples @44,1 kHz)

Interesting. ASIO-guard was enabled but I set it to HIGH and also enabled the Boost and it plays now. I expect there will be some latency in the system now.

I also looked up multiprocessing in online help and I have to say the results meant nothing to me.

Thanks etchell. Interesting mix of components!