Does Cubase 7 include Cubase 6

The grapevine told me that all previous versions of Cubase comes with buying the latest version. If this is true I should be able to download CB 6.5 and make that work under the CB7 e-licenser. Can anybody confirm this? (as an occasional downgrade is a workaround to some CB7 problems).

If you have a copy of 6.5 installed on your PC, it will work with the C7 license on your dongle. I still have 6.5 installed and can flip between both without any problem.

Interestingly unlike many, I much prefer the new mixer to the old despite the fuzzy text. I realised that I never used to use the old mixer much until I started to mix down. With C7 I use it all of the time.

I don’t know if you will be able to download it or not.
Sometimes the download requires a previous installation.

But I can confirm that I can run Cubase 6 with my C7 license (I never owned 6 but it was installed on my system by a client) and I updated from SX2.

It is not true.