Does Cubase 8.5 Artist have Spectrum Analyzer?

I’m currently using Cubase 8.5 Artist, and I’m wondering if it has Spectrum Analyzer.
If yes, could anyone please tell me where to find/how to use it?
Thank you!

There is a very basic spectrum analyzer availble via selecting an audio event, then from the Audio menu, “Spectrum Analzer”, which pops up a dialog asking for various parameters – just accept the defaults and click “Process”. This is a static analysis of the selected audio and not very useful, but better than nothing I suppose.

There are however many excellent free spectrum analyzer plugins avaialbe, for example Voxengo’s Span and AnSpec, or Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst. For completeness, Cubase Pro has MultiScope, which also has a display mode similar to a lab measurement spectrum analyzer (as distinct from the bar graph style of 15- or 31-band analog devices).

Doesn’t the EQ panel of the main output already contain a spectrum analyzer?

True, I’d forgotten about that; in the MixConsole, all the EQs have a spectral display in the graphical panel for adjusting the EQ.

Is there a cutdown version of Voxengo SPAN in there?

The one I linked to is the free (“cut-down”) version … it’s still a great plugin, regularly updated and available in 64-bit and VST3 versions as well.

Here’s some info on using SPAN in Cubase: