Does cubase 8 need a good graphics card?surely not

Ive looked at a few threads on this already but im looking for an absolute final answer.Im building a PC and just need to pick a graphics card.Ive thrown most of the cash at the cpu,ram and ssd’s etc which as far as im concerned is what matters.For a graphics card ive gone for something cheap enough, as cubase surely isnt graphically intense and throwing money towards that and cutting corners on other things,doesnt seem logical.Ive been onto a few computer forums where people are saying to get a better graphics card,but they are all gamers by the looks of it (and i dont think they even read my original post to begin with).So im looking for a final answer here really as its impossible to get an answer from someone who in fairness has never used cubase.The graphics card in my current rig is an old NVIDIA Geforce 9500 GT and that seems to be handling things ok,although there is some lag with slate plugins loading still.Thats probably not graphics card related though.Price wise I can spend about 100 euro’s/75 pounds and dont really want to spend more if its not needed.Cheers

Yes, in my experience a basic graphics card is usually great for Cubase. The main key with Cubase is that the graphics card is not using resources unnecessarily or clogging up IRQ performance. We do not have a specific card that we recommend but we do recommend that it support Open GL 2.0:

I hope this helps!

I built one DAW (=limited experience), but it runs great and uses the Intel integrated graphics. Any Haswell or Ivy Bridge based CPU (i7/i5) will do nicely with it’s integrated GPU and even run multiple monitors.


Super!I suspected as much.Thanks for the help

in my opinion you need to update your drivers especially graphics card drivers as I have just found out .I was having trouble loading Cubase pro 8 I was getting “Cubase 8 has stopped working” message.when I updated my graphics card drivers Cubase pro 8 is now running graphics card is amd radeon 7770