Does Cubase 8 solve the "rescan plugins" issue?

Just wondering if anyone has tested this (yet).

What’s the issue?

Forced (automatic) plug in rescanning upon daylight savings change.

I know nothing about that! I’ll butt out.

I don’t (yet) own the program but if the price goes down I will purchase.

I’ll let you know 30th March :wink:

LOL ! Disable the adjust daylight savings setup (in the PC setup) not in Cubase, and it will never bother you again!

This issue really is a “user preference” setup issue in Windows and really has nothing to do with SB or Cubase!

No, it still does it. I’m always mystified why that would be a showstopper for evaluating a “music” program. But whatever. Twice a year you get to wait an extra 20 minutes assuming you have an assload of plugins and didn’t turn any of them off.

As once stated, a true professional would anticipate the time change and prepare for it. To complain about 20 minutes from a program that saves hours in it’s complexity is IMO just lazy…

a true sycophant would thank Steinberg for the extra time to mingle with the clients.

It was acknowledged by a Steinberg Moderator, but as Grim has noted we will have to wait until that time.

Personally I don’t have too much of an issue with it but if the facility was improved similar to how SB improved the choosing of an audio device on install or remove preferences; this would be a plus and contribute greatly towards a more quality application.


Good lord…

I’m going back home. Nothing good happening here.