does Cubase 8 still has automation dithering on writing?

in C7.5 in Automation Panel even with 0 reduction the automation has dithering , did this change?

Data reduced, Yes.
dithering is something completely different.

Thank for answering. That is really bad then! it tells much about cubase, cause it means basically cubase cannot be sensitive on what to write when using external controllers to write data.

I have never had a problem with the reduced data points on automation, but I’m recording/mixing, country, rock, blues, and pop mostly. I don’t really use any smooth filter sweeps, or anything equivalent with automation.
I could be worried that turning off any data reduction (if implemented) would give poor performance.
it would be nice to being able to turn off this filtering of data points per track and not just globally, that would help.
The whole automation system IMHO is in need of some attention.

As any other feature, dependant on the Users Resources instead of a limitation by the software. But since we have unlimit points to draw manually , i don’t see why recording without reduced data would be a problem.

Somethings i quite like , i don’t need much more to be honest, only this 2 points:

  • 0 reduction if user wants to
  • vertical snap to already used points


  • Automation lane reordering
  • Able to save automation tracks to be reused