Does Cubase 9.5 read Cubase 5 studio files?

I just purchased an imac with High Sierra and would like to read Cubase 5 projects that I created on a PC. If I upgrade to CUbase 9.5, will I be able to read my old Cubase 5 files?

I believe so.

There was something about files that were too old and couldn’t be opened in the current version but I’m thinking that was 3.1.

Seems like that I’ve heard you can open 5 with 9. You can also download the older version and install it on a computer with the right OS.

I’ve heard the 9 license works with 5.

Lot of hearsay eh?

Check out what you can download:

Cubase Pro 9.5 can open projects from all previous versions starting with Cubase SX 1 from the early 2000s.