Does Cubase 9 license work for Cubase 8.5?

Hello. I have one doubt. Does Cubase 9 license work for Cubase 8.5?

I happened to own cubase studio Pro 8.5 and I installed the free update to Cubase Studio Pro 9. However, the latter does not work with old electronic music VSTs, and I don’t want to have issues with non-official software for that purpose unless there is no chance. Whenever I want to write electronic music on Cubase Studio 9 I cannot use such sounds anymore.

I was wondering if I can have both Cubase Studio Pro 9 and Cubase Studio Pro 8.5 in the same computer with the Ilok licence for Cubase 9 alone. Is that possible?

If not, do you know of a VST bridge which actually works on Windows 7 and Cubase Studio Pro 9?

Thanks in advance

You can have both Cubase 8.5 and 9 on the same computer and use the same Cubase 9 activated USB licenser for either. (its not an ilock USB ?).

Your Cubase 9 pro USB licenser will run all older versions of Cubase of the same type from 5 upwards.

You can even run both versions at the same time.

What about Cubase elements? Its the same? I have Cubase Elements 9 installed and licensed while Cubase Elements 8.5 still asking me for an activation license… Should it work?