Does Cubase affect Favorites?

Hi team,

I updated my MOX8 OS. Before doing so, I saved an All file so I would have my Favorites saved intact. The update installed successfully, and I loaded the All file. The Favorites appeared.

After that, I did some MIDI recording with Cubase 8 while using the Editor VST. Now my Favorites are gone again. I reloaded the All file, and the Favorites are back. Does doing a MIDI Bulk Dump from Cubase to the MOX8 delete the Favorites? I don’t see why it should. Please tell me if I’m doing something wrong. Many thanks.

  • Lee

Hold the fort, team!

I think I know what happened. I downloaded the PSC SongWriters Collection from the Motifator forum. It was loaded to the User 1, User 2, and User 3 areas. These areas contain the Favorites, which I didn’t realize. I decided there weren’t enough voices in the Collection (despite the incredible efforts of the author) that I needed, so I reloaded my All file, and there they were–my Favorites. Sorry 'bout that folks. The timing was just coincidental with my Cubase activities.

Moderator–feel free to delete this post if it is of no use :slight_smile:. Thanks all.

  • Lee