Does Cubase come on a CD? Will I have to pay customs tax?

Does the software come on CD. If so, will I have to pay customs tax?

I guess that it dependent on where you live. With the new license model Cubase is software only. Before you needed to have a hardware dongle and the CD/DVD’s I don’t think have been available for many years.

Usually it is internet distribution nowadays. So you need an internet connection with enough data allowance.
Any customs or taxes are part of your country of residence. You’ll have to find it out in your country (wherever that may be).

Definitely no.
For one thing, most computers no longer have a CD drive. On the other hand, there would have to be a lot of discs in terms of the amount of data.

You only pay customs on imported goods. You might have to pay sales tax however.

I live in Turkiye. Will the purchased product be sent to me as a CD or just download it from the site. If it arrives at my address, I have to pay customs tax

You will have to download the software. I don’t think CDs have been used in many years.

a download