Does Cubase Elements 8 have VariAudio?

I bought it with the impression that it had variaudio :cry: The product mentioned it’s ability to tune vocals. But I’ve only found the pitch correct insert?
Does anyone know if I can purchase it or?
Is it possible to get a refund for the software?


The VariAudio feature is only available in the full Cubase Pro 8 program. The VariAudio feature cannot be purchased separately as an add-on for Cubase Elements 8.

When did you purchase the Cubase Elements 8 program? Have you used the 32-character activation code to activate the permanent license for the program?

UGH. Me too. My new producer uses Cubase Pro 8. I bought Cubase Elements to have some continuity with him and we have successfully connected via VST Connect. Frankly, I’m pleased with the functionality that comes with Elements 8 for my purposes of capturing scratch tracks and basic mixing. As long as I only use plug-ins he has, we have tested it and he can easily open Element 8 projects in Pro. But my impression on Variaudio was same as ohleeks above.

I’ll see if he has Melodyne.