Does Cubase have some kind of always on Preroll?

Hey Folks,

Hopefully someone here can help me with this problem.

Problem - When I hit the space bar to start there is a momentary delay before the time line cursor starts moving. Its a very very small delay and not a problem at all unless any externally synced hardware is used. What happens is my drum machines or ext sequencers start 1/16th note (roughly) before Cubase starts. This is nothing to do with latency or some noob error on my part I get this issue with only Cubase.

What makes this weird is there is no midi Sync clock of any kind being send by Cubase. The Elektron A4 has a VST for it which takes the timing clock signal from the audio engine and sends it to the A4 hardware box via USB. So, somehow the audio engine is starting immediately, but theres still that 1/16th delay.

Problem with the A4?..No, because I also have a Sync Gen which does the exact same thing as the A4 plugin and sends a signal to hardware boxes via a signal sent from its own plugin. Ive tried this on two PCs and one Mac so its not system specific.

It seems to me its like there is some kind of default action/setting where the Cubase engine is starting a millisecond or two before the actual time line. I cant find any setting which addresses this?

Any help would be appreciated

Anyone have an idea?

Apologies for the bump.
I did contact Sternberg support about a fortnight ago but have heard nothing back.

ASIO Guard can introduce a delay. Try turning it off in Device Setup and see if that helps.