Does Cubase have this Reaper feature? (linking parameters of different inserts on the same channel)

If I’ve got 2 instances of EQ on the same channel (2 separate inserts), can I link parameters between them such that if I gain up one EQ band by 3dB on the first insert, I can set it to automatically gain down the linked EQ band on the other insert by the same amount?

Again, all this happening on one channel? …not across different channels.

Dan Worrall has a great tutorial on how to use “emphasis and de-emphasis” EQ like this, in Reaper, such that you can put a plugin in between these 2 EQ instances and emphasize a particular EQ band before it hits that intermediate plugin, and then de-emphasize it afterwards.

Worth a watch. Here: emphasis and de emphasis EQ - YouTube




No, there is no such a function in Cubase, sorry.

Feature request then. What a great thing to be able to do.

I guess I just retag this as “feature request.”


I have just added the tag.

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Note to others:
You can do this technique all manually too, of course - i.e. emphasize what frequencies hit your saturator the hardest… or your compressor.