Does Cubase Prioritise VST3

I have just installed a number of VST instruments with both VST3 and VST2. The main reason being that some vendors have been having trouble with the implementation of VST3 and currently a couple are causing Cubase to crash. However I cannot locate the VST2 versions in the default page of the Plugin Manager despite the VST dll being seen in the VST Plugins folder. Anyone got an answer to this - it would be much appreciated.

Strange, are you sure that the VST2 is 64 bit?

Abso;utely because it is in the VST Folder. I made sure that I had installed the 64 bit VST2 on installation.

Yes vst3 is prioritised. You will have to remove the vst3 (or rename it to something like .vst3bak) one to see the vst2. It is not like that with all vendors, only if the vst3 and 2 have the same plugin ID That is inside the dll, it is not the name). That is the best strategy anyway, because then a project with a vst3 one will also open on a computer with only the vst2 one and visa verse.

Thanks for that. So where do I go to delete the VST3 Plugin?

Select each VST3 in Plug in Manager and untick “active” if you want to leave them on your computer.

Otherwise uninstall or delete the vst3 files (location is also listed in PIM)

Program file/coomon files /vst3

Thank you very much.