Does cubase pro 10 export music with video?

I am on version 8.5 and didn’t use it after buying it because it didn’t export video with the music, which was very disappointing. Because of this lack I stayed with Logic. Has this feature added to version 10?


In Cubase 8.5 you have an option to exchange the audio track of the video file. So you can mix the original sound of the video with your music written in Cubase, and then exchange the audio track in the video.

This function is missing in Cubase 10. It is part of Nuendo 10 (or will be soon). So hopefully, it will be part of Cubase 10.5 too (just speculation and a wish). Btw, you have tons of 3rd party applications to do this. I wouldn’t change a DAW just because of this. Cubase has tons of advantages over Logic (for me) in much more important areas (in DAW).