Does cubase pro 10 have a clip launching feature similar to ableton?

Does cubase pro 10 have a clip launching feature similar to ableton? I’m talking about being able to do live performances with cubase by launching various clips at various times while playing an instrument during the performance.


I was going to ask the same question. Would like to record arrangements by including track parts.


No, it’s not that kind of DAW. Just use Live, Bitwig, etc., for that kind of thing.

I hope Steinberg won’t add clip feature to cubase. Can’t imagine how many bugs they would add to cubase with it

It’s just too expensive to buy both cubase and ableton. Though I may end up going that route.

Thanks for all the answers people.

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I agree.

Could you not import the clip into groove agent?

Do you know if there’s a way to launch clips in groove agent that resembles the clip launching in ableton?

I’m not sure how groove agent works as I haven’t played around with it much.

I loaded up loopmash earlier - i don’t really know what it is, but i was having fun with it - may be worth checking out, as it reminded me of something you’d see in Ableton, not clip equivalent though.

But, in regards to clip launching, the Arranger Track is very good in Cubase, you can create parts and then arrange/trigger them via the arranger to create a song - or multiple versions of a song, by using components as you would in Ableton - not quite the same, but it’s still a great feature in Cubase to have.

You can fire clips using the Arranger Track, but there’s a max of 20. You assign keystrokes in Key Commands or midi messages in a Generic Remote.

Well sheeeeit, I had no idea about that. Don’t think I’ll use it, but cool that it’s there.

auch that’s harsh!!!

and true LOL

Arranger in Cubase is useless if you want the Ableton - Logic Live Loop feeling…I hope Steinberg will implement it soon