Does Cubase record Vocals without adding latency to them by default?

For example, if Audio System shows:

input latency 4.0ms
output latency 4.0ms
ASIO Guard Latency 34ms (

& Adjust for Record latency is enabled

& Record shift is set to 0

Will the vocals need to be moved after recording? Also should ASIO Guard Latency be disabled when recording?

You should not have to move anything

Asio Guard is auto disabled on record ready tracks.

You can easily run a test though to see if you need to adjust anything. Find a recognisable sample. Drag it in. Playback and Record it too a new track. Zoom in and look at the offset.

No, all the audio recording will be automatically moved earlier by input latency amount if the ‘Adjust’ option is enabled.

However that actually make an opposite reason why you need to move sometimes, if what you were hearing during the recording was perfect, then you don’t want to move it. But it moves earlier on playback by the option.
Good musicians subconsciously play/sing earlier when the monitoring is slow, in these case the position is already ‘delay compensated’ by human, cubase don’t need to shift that on playback. This is why you can disable the option.

Unfortunately we don’t always have these. :pray: :rofl:

I bet you do, though. :slight_smile:

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I monitor vocals and Cubase through an external mixer if I want to hear a bit of added ambience and without any latency.