Does Cubase reset some CC regardless of preferences?

I’ve been trying to figure out why some CC messages (and not others) send a reset on Stop even though that preference is unticked. I eventually found this old post on the forum.

Looking specifically at CC19, it has what is described as a “True” flag which implies that CC19 gets reset. It would seem this happens regardless of preferences. Am I reading this right?

Its causing a headache trying to use CC to set values on an external device (Strymon Timeline). Every time I hit stop, CC19 gets reset. Not the others I’m using (CC3, CC9, CC14…etc.) which work as expected.

(Win10, Cubase 11 latest, Latest Strymon Timeline Firmware)

Have you tried checking “Never Reset Chased Controller” in Preferences > MIDI?

Have you tried checking “Never Reset Chased Controller"…

Yes, absolutely. No effect. CC19 still gets reset.


I cannot reproduce it here. If I enable the Never Reset Chased Controller option, then it doesn’t reset anymore.