Does Cubase see individual tracks from Behringer UMC1820?

Hi all,
Sorry if this is a dumb question - I am thinking of replacing my PC which currently has 3x MAudio 1010LT cards attached via PCI slots. It seems a new PC will only accept USB input so I’m wondering whether Cubase 11 will see all channels of a Behringer UMC1820 audio interface as separate I/Os, or will it only see the mix coming from the UMC as a USB signal?
For info, I tried this with my Behringer sub mixer (X1622) but Cubase could only see a stereo mix, not the individual channels, so I need more info before I commit. I’d be really grateful for info you can pass on, Thanks!

A quick look… individual channles

No… there are more options available… PCIe, Thunderbolt, USB and Ethernet is all possible… it depends on the audio interface…
some mixers provide Dante, AVB or Waves Soundgrid for multitrack recording as alternative connection

You should ask this question in the “Tribes”… Cubase takes what the ASIO driver is delivering…

Yes, you’ll be able to se all 18 inputs via the UMC1820 Asio driver.

Thanks both - that’s great news!
Appreciate you taking the time to reply :blush: