Does Cubase USB-elicenser work with LE5?

I saw this link regarding the USB-elicenser: Steinberg Forums

It doesn’t say one way or the other and I assume that it does work with the LE editions but before I make the purchase I want to confirm that I’m not wasting my money. I tried searching the forum but it said elicenser was too common a term. Hehe.

Thanks in advance for answering. :slight_smile:

Now, why would it be posted in the LE 4,5 & 6 forum section…?



There’s really no reason for you to try and troll me as I won’t be baited. I just asked for some clarification. A simple question. You could have just as easily said nothing. I looked at some of your past posts and noticed that sometimes you give decent advice and sometimes your replies are pretty snarky. Oh well. Thanks for playing.