Does Cubase use all CPU core's?

Building my new system and the all new Intel CPU choice presents itself:

  • 6850k - 6 cores
  • 6900k - 8 cores
  • 6950x - 10 cores

The question I have is: does Cubase actually address all cores? In the past this was not the case. It is said often that it’s better to go with fewer cores that can run at higher frequencies. Is that still applicable to the current 8.5 platform?


Wrong question. Cubase of course will use as many cores as you have - but - it seems Cubase threads are much heavier than other DAWs, the more cores you have generally the slower the individual peak core performance, this means you will run out of CPU headroom as soon as any core peaks causing stutters, dropouts etc. I believe Cubase uses one thread per track - that means you can overwhelm a weaker core easily with one complicated track - this is why Cubase does not seem to scale very well with 6+ core CPUs.