Does Cubase (Win) Recognize Modifiers Beyond Shift/Ctrl/Alt?

Maybe even if it’s just accidentally from legacy support? I’ve heard things about “meta”, but I’m not sure if that’s even able to be called from a Windows machine.

Or maybe special dev functions where, say, the “F15” button or “this-crazy-keyboard-scancode-nobody-has-used-since-1982” is made an extra modifier “just in case”?

“Meta” just refers to the missing CMD key on Win that Mac has.

Mac: Shift, opt/alt, ctrl, command
Win: Shift, opt/alt, ctrl.

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Sure, but if Cubase can natively recognize Meta key modifiers already, perhaps I could use AutoHotKey to make one of my keys send a similar message and get that extra mod key back.

Nope. Meta only means what I posted above.

But you can use ahk to trigger any key, so my Cubendo ahk keystrokes look like this – none of these keys exist on my keyboard, but all work in Cubase/Nuendo
( # = the Windows Logo key)

#1::Send,{U+00B9}  ; ¹
#2::Send,{U+00B2}  ; ²
#3::Send,{U+00B3}  ; ³
#4::Send,{U+20AC}  ; €
#q::Send,{U+024B}  ; ɋ 
#a::Send,{U+00C0}  ; À 
#z::Send,{U+0179} ; Ź
#w::Send,{U+1E80} ; Ẁ
#s::Send,{U+015A} ; Ś	
#x::Send,{U+02E3} ; ˣ
#e::Send,{U+00CB} ; Ë
#d::Send,{U+010E} ; Ď
#c::Send,{U+0106} ; Ć
#r::Send,{U+0154} ; Ŕ
#f::Send,{U+0191} ; Ƒ
#v::Send,{U+01B2} ; Ʋ 
#t::Send,{U+0162} ; Ţ
#g::Send,{U+011C} ; Ĝ 
#b::Send,{U+0181} ; Ɓ
#y::Send,{U+01B3} ; Ƴ 

Thanks! I just stumbled onto this about 20 mins ago. I was searching for a more elegant solution, but I think this may be a viable workaround! Thanks again!

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I wonder what happened to win 10 supporting multiple keyboards. If I remember it right, Pete Brown from MS mentioned on gearslutz that they were working on it. Every QWERTY keyb. Connected would give you different keystrokes. I guess it’s is a big project, having to make sure it is backwards compatible.