Does Cubase works with behringer

I recently started learning how to play guitar and wanted to use cubase mainly for plug-ins but I cant record. It shows my guitar audio but with no way of listening to it
I have a tube ultragain mic500 usb.

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Could you attach screenshots of the Audio Connections > Inputs, Outputs and the Project window while recording and while playback, please?



Do you need me to send a picture of the studio setup as well?


I don’t see any Audio Track where you could record to, at your screenshots.

Add an audio track
Set input to mono 1
Record arm track
Turn on record monitor
Sound should appear on the master meter to confirm output…and should be coming out the Behringer headphone out.

If not while Cubase is open you should see ASIO4all icon in taskbar…can you open that and screencap it.

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