Does Cubase7 let you map controllers by hovering like a CMC?

I was interested in the Steinberg CMC controllers as they let you map buttons to a Cubase function or VST by just hovering your mouse over what you want to control. But I have any Axiom 61 Pro and it has a lot of what the CMC controllers have, it just doesn’t look as fancy.

I just purchased Cubase 7 and was wondering if the new version of Cubase lets me do the same thing with my controllers. I read an advertisement a while back about controller mapping working differently.

…Or do I need a CMC controller to map Cubase by hovering my mouse?

I have 2 CMC’s They are specific to what they do but there are secondary map-able buttons (Via Shift) although some more than others. My CH Has 8 while the TP has 4.

That said, they give you access to almost everything in the mapping configuration. There are still a few bugs but

the only one that hovers the mouse over and changes values it the Ai but that said if your hovering the mouse over anyway why not just use the mouse wheel to change the value of the parameter instead of a stock controllers that aren’t fully compatible with cubase 7