Does Cubase's Exit-Crashing Corrupt Recent File List?

I had been crash-free on Quit/Exit of Cubase for almost a year. It was a good run, but now I’m back to the usual problem.

I had been enjoying that “Recent Projects” browsers at launch, in the Hub, but now that Cubase is crashing on exit again, it seems to never save this detail correctly.

Question for others experiencing this long-standing Cubase phenomena: is it corrupting your recent projects file list, too?

The crashing on exit is 100% of the time, but the last saved project being saved to the recent list only happens about 95% of the time.

In other words, I’ve mostly lost my recent projects list on startup, but one will survive, once in a while, and will show up in the recent projects list at startup.

The fact that this is possible at all seems significant and might be an important clue to any developers trying to fix this.

In programming speak, it seems to me that this is some kind of asynchronous “race condition” in which resources, drivers or APIs being closed, make their dependencies unhappy.

Anyway, it’s not a huge deal to manually browse and select the most recently saved project, but I’d like to track this issue down.

As for the triggers, I keep a meticulously detailed log of everything I update, even Windows updates, and the offender was either the latest Softube update, or the very new v9r27 Waves update. No other possibility, in my particular case, because nothing else was touched.

This was the one time I didn’t test each update separately (of course), so I don’t know which of the two is to “blame.”

Blame in quotes, because I suspect the offender was only a catalyst / trigger of an underlying issue that Cubase needs to fix, themselves. I’m sure other Cubase installs, on the same platform, with the same “offender” (and at the same version), might not exhibit the issue.


Breaking news / developing story: It’s looking like it IS the Waves StudioRack r7 update that I installed along with the r27 update (but not the Waves r27 plugins, themselves)!

More as soon as I confirm it.

Yup, StudioRack r7 triggers the crash-on-quit.

If I install an older r2 version, problem goes away.

Problem does not happen with r7 in a blank Cubase project, which either points to a bug in r7 that only manifests when projects get large, or it could be entirely a Cubase bug that somehow r7 triggers, or it could be a corrupt Cubase project (if that is possible).

Either way, cataylst-only or not, r2 effectively solves the problem.

I called Waves and they were not convinced it’s their problem. They would not give me a copy of r3 - r6 to test, either.

I have a real problem with companies that won’t give access to previous versions of their software, especially in the DAW world were these kind of compatibility leap-frog issues are common.

I’ll report back when I know more.

At least Waves has proper phone support.


If I remove all instances of Waves StudioRack from my project, save, close Cubase and reopen the crashing on quit goes away.

I think my solution is going to be to replace StudioRack with another VST chainer (I’m maxing out Cubase’s six freezable inserts).

I don’t use any of those plugs, only Steinberg bundled, and I still get the crash on exit. Every time.

And yes, it sometimes screws up the Recent list on the next start.

I get this Hub problem, unrelated to any crash on exit or any plugin.

I get seemingly random instances of the Hub failing to show the most recent version of the project - ie, it sometimes fails to show the version I saved before I shut down the night before. It is probably not exactly random; it probably happens under certain conditions, but I’m not going to do the detective work to figure it out. This has caught me out a couple of times where I started working on a project opened using the Hub, only to realize that I was working on an older version. That is a tough situation to deal with if you have made a bunch of changes.

So, if we have to check anyway using Windows explorer to see what the latest project version is, we may as well open the project using Windows explorer. Furthermore, I only rely on Windows explorer’s date/time details to tell me what the latest version is. The Hub was completely reliable in C7.5 - the latest version could be opened from the Hub without even thinking. but in C8 it is tricky and unreliable. It kind of seems like someone over-thought the whole saving/backup system.

I am not going to read any “defending” posts in this thread explaining that the Hub is somehow meant to work this way.

Regarding the OPs thread title: Does Cubase’s Exit-Crashing Corrupt Recent File List?

“Exit Crashing” shouldn’t corrupt the Recent File list because it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) overwrite the Defaults.XML file following a crash, or any crash, for that matter. This means that when you relaunch Cubase, you’ll find that the program will show you the Recent File List results written at the time of the last successful quit.

Cubase runs a routine during the quitting process that updates pretty much everything in the Preferences folder. If that routine is interrupted (ie: crash) this process aborts and leaves the previous Preference files intact.

Open the Preferences folder and watch the file dates while quitting.

This sounds nice on paper, but fact is, when cubase crashes on quit or so, it can corrupt everything in settings (key commands are safe tho) - ive had file list deleted, mediabay settings lost, inputs/outputs lost and the list goes on. Theres definately improvement needed with the preferences and how they are handled.
The best thing i can suggest is that you copy the whole preferences folder to a safe place as a backup when (and it will definately happen to you if you use cubase) your settings get corrupted.

im suffering with this exact same problem, now to the point where i lose my settings everytime i close cubase, annoyingly for me it wipes my remembered scanned files and favorites on my mediabay which is a pain in the backside when you have over 3tbs of samples that need rescanning

mine seemed to occur after installing software that came with my m-audio oxygen 49 keyboard, i believe it was 2 synths called twist 2 and Xpand it or something.

I have tried reinstalling cubase, uninstalling the synths & even tried a system restore but the issue now continuously occurs to the point where i feel like giving up

Lets hope this is resolved in the next update

I’m now having the issue with Project Synchronization Setup not saving with the project, but am unsure if it’s because of the crashing-on-close, or just a bug for everyone.

I’m going to start a new thread addressing it, because I really need to know the answer. If it’s due to crash-on-close only, I’m going to do everything possible to solve the issue, or even revert to an image that didn’t crash on close. I’m getting tired of resetting Project Synchronization Setup every time I launch Cubase.

Made more frustrating since I now also have to reset a ton of windows at startup due to the z-order bug that was introduced in v8.x.

I reverted to an image of Cubase that doesn’t crash-on-close and Project Synchronization Setup settings are saving correctly.

Project Synchronization Setup appears to be yet another casualty to crash-on-close. I think this also supports arguments that other prefs also get corrupted during a COC.