Does Cubasis appear frozen? Try this remedy

@LSlowak I know I’ve reported Cubasis freezing and I’ve since discovered that I may have mischaracterized what was really going on. For me, the “lock up” always occurs when the Metronome window is open and after adjusting the tempo by sliding my finger left and right.

While nothing appears to be working and “Cubasis seems frozen”, in actuality, it’s only the Metronome window that’s stuck and not permitting Cubasis to respond to any other activity.

The solution I found is an old Mac/iPad keyboard shortcut I remembered. While Apple keyboards have no Escape key, there is an Esc function.
Press and hold the Cmd key and tap the period key. Cmd . sends an Escape keyboard signal which immediately closes the Metronome window and, Voila!, you’re back in business using Cubasis.

Hope that helps some others out there,


Interesting. I m experience most freeze when the time is displayed instead of the bars. I m not sure if I can access the keyboard when that happend. But I ll try. Thanks

@Tim_Goehring I have a physical Apple Smart Keyboard attached to my iPad. But any physical keyboard should work, Apple Magic Keyboard and probably even a 3rd party Bluetooth keyboard.

When I had a Mac I had to do some digging to find out what sent the Esc key code. Cmd . (perios) is a good shortcut for Esc to remember, especially since it works on iPads, too, and probably even on iPhones.

I had the same freeze yeasterday but I wasnt able to open a keyboard. I resetet Cubasis as it was faster than linking a bluetooth keyboard

Unfortunately, when we need the Esc key, we probably will never be able to get the onscreen keyboard to come up, and it might not even help us if it was already on the screen, would be my guess.
It would be interesting to know, when in that situation, would your Bluetooth keyboard even connect if the app is momentarily stuck?
If you ever try it and find out, please let me know. Thanks!

Hi @Johne1

Happy New Year 2024.

Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce the freeze problem.
Please let us have the exact steps to make it happen.


Hi @LSlowak Lars,

Thanks! Happy New Year 2024 to you, too.

It only happens when I have some big plugins loaded, so my guess is that it’s a resource issue. Is the problem in Cubasis or iOS? At this point, I’ll blame iOS memory management of the iPad’s RAM.

I mainly wanted to share my Cmd + . (period) Esc sequence with others to help them if they have they encounter the same problem.

Of course, I’m unable to reproduce it at the moment, even after loading both HALion and the KORG Module Pro plugins on different tracks. I expected those 2 to tax the RAM, but so far, no problem this morning.