Does Cubasis Record MIDI From PolyStepArp?

Hello all. I’m new to this forum and so far I’m digging Cubasis. I was wondering if anyone has any experience recording MDI data from PolyStepArp. I know in theory it should work, but I’m finding out Cubasis doesn’t record MIDI data from some apps. I want to know if someone got it to work before I drop $12 on it. Thanks.

Yes it can. When Cubasis is running, you can choose it as a MIDI output destination in Steppolyarp MIDI settings panel. You can select the MIDI output channel here too. And Steppolyarp can be selected as an input with the Routing button on a Cubasis MIDI track. You can select the channel here too.
The one BIG problem I have is that Steppolyarp will not sync to Cubasis MIDI Clock Out by itself. To remedy this, I launch the MidiBridge app AFTER Cubasis and Steppolyarp have been started. This app seems to “clean up” the MIDI clock from Cubasis and then Steppolyarp syncs and follows song position. Ensure that the correct Clock Source is selected in Steppolyarp MIDI settings panel. I don’t have sync issues with other apps, such as Magellan receiving clock from Cubasis. I only have this problem with Steppolyarp. I have mentioned this to Laurent Coulson the app developer but no further information so far. Be aware that Cubasis does not sync to external MIDI clock at this time. I really like Steppolyarp, it is the best arpeggio app I have tried, except for the strange problem with syncing to Cubasis. But as I mentioned, I got it working by using Midibridge (which is a great tool for managing MIDI hardware and data - does a lot of very useful things). Let me know if you need more help using Steppolyarp with Cubasis. Personally I am hoping for an arpeggiator and other MIDI gadgets to be added to Cubasis…

Thanks microtuneaudio for the detailed response! I really appreciate it. I was wondering if you have any experience with other matrix like step sequencers that Cubasis will record MIDI from. Preferably that start and stop with MIDI clock. Thanks.

Another vote here for steppolyarp…it’s a phenomenal arpeggiator… And to note, IMO Cubasis will sync with steppolyarp and record the arp output. In this example, SPA is driven from one track in Cubasis and recorded into another…but of course you could directly play SPA…the key part is sync and Spp.

In cubasis,
A. Set midi sync output to on
B. create two midi tracks, track one as the arp input, set output to virtual midi, and track 2 as the arp output …setting track input to SPA.

in SPA,
A. set to midi sync, and enable follow song position.
B. set midi in to cubasis, and midi out to SPA
C. Hit arp, latch and sync (the clock looking thing next to latch

Back in cubasis
A. Enable record on your arp out track
B. press a note on track 1 keyboard and hit record
C. The arp output will be correctly captured…subject to quantization

The only minor flaw I saw was if you tried to loop record while the arp is running… You will get a glitch as the song position is reset in SPA…

Regards ian

Thanks Ian for the info! Your method makes a big difference. You’re right, PolyStep Arp is an great program. :slight_smile:

Mystic38 is correct, that method now supersedes my method because SPA just got updated to sync properly with Cubasis. Also the issue with the sync glitching when Cubasis repeats a loop is apparently due to an unexpected extra clock signal being generated by Cubasis - that information came from the developer of SPA. The looping glitch can be avoided by using my method involving MidiBridge, but it’s just “patching up” the sync and it has side effects on tempo with other apps running. Ideally Cubasis will be fixed so that MIDI clock output is standard format, and hopefully an arpeggiator will be added too! But it would have to be as good as SPA to make it worthwhile…